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"but he knows how to lead off"

I think all of you can guess who Joe Torre is referring to. So while Matt Kemp has compiled a .393 OBP while holding down the lead off spot during this man's absence, he will relinquish the position upon his return. Of course that isn't really the important question, the important question is who will sit to accommodate this man's ascension back into the lead off role for which he is ill equipped?


Based on the quote below, the White Rat would have loved said player as he loved his speedy guys.

As Herzog put it (quoted by Joe Posnanski), “I used to shave before games. And once Reitz was up at the plate, and he hit the ball, and by the time he got to first base I had to shave again. That’s when I told him he wasn’t going to play.”

I snagged that little quote from Cardboard Gods