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Positive Pete

We haven't see a comeback this miraculous since 32 AD. Juan Pierre, believed to be out into August has managed to hustle and scrap his way back into the starting lineup. Conveniently another outfielder who's not hitting a lick, Delwyn Young, hurt himself on Wednesday just in time for Pierre's return. What a lucky coincidence that was. Since I'm going to be swearing at Pierre from now until the end of the season, I'm going to use this opportunity to say some nice things about Pierre.

Now that Juan Pierre is a corner outfielder he's a great defender, ranking second among left fielders in RZR. Eric Byrnes managed to go from being a mediocre centerfielder to an all seeing deity out in left, and it looks like Pierre is on the same route. Amazing what comparing yourself to Pat Burrell instead of Grady Sizemore can do.

Pierre's arm isn't as big of a problem as we make it out to be. Last year his arm cost us less than seven runs, and this year Pierre is actually intimidating runners somehow. He's held runners on base 59% of the time this year which puts him right around league average. If Pierre can keep his arm at an average level and continue playing elite defense, he'll be more valuable than a mediocre hitter with no defensive value. Eat that Matt Murton.

Usually the little things don't matter, but if you're as good at them as Juan Pierre they do. Pierre's ability to take the extra base and avoid the double play gave the Dodgers 7.5 runs last year, one of the best marks in the majors. At the very least, Juan Pierre's ability to play the game the right way cancels out his noodle arm.

Now if we just ignore every other aspect of Juan Pierre's game, he seems like a pretty good player, doesn't he?