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Nomar it is

Trying to turn back the hand of time, Nomar will play SS for the first time since 2005. While his defense should consist mostly of waving at ground balls to his left and right, at least the offense should be much better then the black hole we have been experiencing.

Andruw Jones also gets a 2nd chance to prove his career is not over. In his first shot at earning his 18 million dollars he reminded everyone of Willie Mays, except it was the 78 year old version of Willie Mays and not the one who was in his prime.

The Giants who were expected to be pushovers due to their lack of offense have remained in contention by trotting out the best young rotational pitchers in baseball. Everyone knows about Lincecum and Cain, but Jonathan Sanchez has quietly been putting his stamp on this rotation. That is whom we will be facing today and it won't be an easy task. The key is to get into the soft under belly of the Giant bullpen. If we can keep it close, they we have a shot in the later innings.

Lincecum pitched a gem yesterday so we won't be facing the best pitcher in the NL during this trip.

LaRoche should get two shots against southpaws this weekend. Sanchez and Zito. It would be prudent for him to do something. At this point Andrew can wave his minor league numbers at us while telling us DeWitt sucks, but right now, so does LaRoche. Someone needs to hit and if you can't do it when you are facing southpaws when are you going to do it?