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The Dodgers hadn't smelled 1st place since the start of the season but everything was lining up for them. Jake Peavy had cold cocked the struggling Diamondbacks and Chan Ho Park had out dueled Barry Zito. Headed into the top of the 7th, they had a 2 - 1 lead with runners on 2nd and 3rd thanks to two bloopers with  Andy LaRoche a head in the count 2 -0, and  a tiring Barry Zito on the mound. Two pitches later Andy putts a weak ground ball to 2nd base and the lead stays at one.

About 20 minutes later the Giants had batted around and the Dodgers would have to wait another day for 1st place.

Before the game Larry Bowa was asked about the all-star chances for the Dodgers. He of course mentioned Russel Martin and then out of the blue said he thought Joe Beimel might make the team. Joe Beimel!!!! Not Chad Billingsley but Joe Beimel I understand that some of the ignorant media is oblivious to how good Chad is, but your own coach? Joe Beimel!!!!!

I can't say I saw alot of Barry Zito when he pitched for the A's but what I saw tonight must have been something like his hey day with the A's. The curve ball was simply outstanding, and his location on the fastball kept the Dodgers off balance all night.

Russel Martin getting the start at 3rd base tells me everything I need to know about how the Dodgers feel about Andy LaRoche as a starting 3rd baseman for them.

Tomorrow should be tougher with Cain going against Stults. We may have to wait until the home stand to make another charge.