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Those Damn Diamondbacks

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I was about to make a post celebrating the demise of the Diamondbacks when I got word that Orlando Hudson was out for the season, and they'd be replacing him with some combination of Chris Burke and Augie Ojeda. Since God apparently decided that I can never be happy though, the Diamondbacks had to go out and get themselves Adam Dunn for 23 year old A ball pitcher Dallas Buck and two other players. Since Buck is already 23 and struck out a whopping 4.77 per nine in a league he's way too old for, it's safe to call that nothing. Hopefully the two yet to be named guys are someone useful.

How the hell does Adam Dunn clear waivers? How do we not make the claim just to block them? At least part of this is on Ned.

Additional question: is there any reason why every team wouldn't put a claim on a type A free agent?

Update>>It's Buck and two players to be named later for Dunn, so it looks like the Diamondbacks got Dunn for nothing.

And the Diamondbacks aren't even paying all of Dunn's salary.