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Just another walk off home run for Nomar

Nomar Homer

The player who had been declared dead by the True Blue faithful hits another walk off home run and continues to lead the non dreadlock Dodgers in OPS+.

SInce Sept 1st 2006, Nomar has only hit 17 home runs but 3 of those have been some of the most dramatic home runs in recent Dodger history. The 4+1 game, the grand slam a week later and then tonights game. All walk offs, all during key pennant race games.

I thought that in each of those games he had been hitless until the walk off but I was mistaken. He had one other hit in the 4+1 game but was hitless in the grand slam game and tonight.

My eyes are probably deceiving me and Andrew will probably whip out some defensive metric showing how crappy Nomar is, but he looks okay to me defensively. Other then the throw on Tuesday that Loney saved, his arm has looked much stronger and accurate then I expected. His range is limited but he is not a statue, he has gone to both his right and left to make plays.

Just stay healthy

Joe Torre had one of his best managerial games of the year tonight. He put out the best lineup I've seen this year based on how the players have been doing. He picked the right guys for the relief work. Didn't hesitate to use Broxton in a non - save situation and realized that Johnson couldn't do any worse then Berroa or Osuna as pinch hitters so he let him hit and he almost gave him one more inning.