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Random Notes

The Giants signed top pick Buster Posey to a major league contract and handed him a 7.5 million dollar signing bonus. Number one overall pick Tim Beckham received a 6.15 million dollar bonus. Signing Posey to a major league contract means that he has to be placed on the 40 man roster immediately, so he'll be out of options by 2011. 

Paul DePodesta is really happy that the Padres were able to claim Brian Falkenborg on waivers. Falkenborg's problem during his brief stint with the Dodgers was the two home runs he gave up in 11 innings, so he'll probably become the newest member of the David Ross All Star team at Petco.  Entry into the David Ross Hall of Fame means that you need to be a player that was ditched for totally rational reasons that we complain about several years later.

As pointed out in the game thread last night:

Mark Sweeney: 9 for 72 this year

Brad Penny: 18 for his last 72

Update>>I'm proud to announce I'm now the number one result on Google for "you get fork stabbed!".