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Help is on the way

Tony Jackson is reporting that the other Blake has been recalled. Osuna has been cut loose. I'm going to assume that DeWitt passed muster in Vegas at 2nd or they wouldn't be making this move.

This does give us a better option then playing Kent when he is tired or hurt and I for one can't wait to see Blake come in for defensive purposes when they double switch out Kent late in games. Of all the surprises this year, having Blake DeWitt playing 2nd base in Aug would be near the top of the list back in January of 2008.

As reported earlier this week in Blue Sparks, Blake has been on a hot streak.

Blake DeWitt gets off the floor and caps a strong 4 game stretch with a 5 for 5 game. All singles but over that 4 game stretch he collected 11 hits in 19 at bats including 6 XBH. He started the stretch by hitting two home runs on Aug 20th. He's been playing 2nd base every game