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Manny keeps the flame alive

by destroying Diamondback pitching on Saturday Night. Hitting for the cycle is something that most hitters would like to do in their career but Manny couldn't care less about such things. Needing a triple to complete the cycle he instead lofted a fly ball down the right field line and instead of veering foul it stayed just straight enough to hit the inside part of the foul pole and ricocchet to Dun who could only glove it and throw it back into the stands. Two home runs, a double, and a single would have to do instead of the cycle.

With Manny providing most of the offense, the Dodger Ace did his job, and together they broke the back of the eight game losing streak that had seen Ned pull off his toupee in frustration over their lack of ability to hit with RISP.

Blake DeWitt didn't help much in the offensive side but appeared to handle the defensive side okay. We even saw two double plays get turned, something we hadn't seen in a while.

In a flurry of news it could be possible that Jeff Kent's season is done and it sounds for sure that Schmidt's season is over. Rafy is in the Dominican so it sounds like they don't even know his current status. Saito and Penny are still being looked on for help.  All of this may be to late but at least with this one game they still have enough air to grasp for hope.