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Blue Sparks 08-24 / 08-31

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After that dreadful road trip to be only 2 1/2 games back is a lucky break. The Dodgers couldn't hit the AAA pitchers of the Nationals but they take out the double aces of the Diamondbacks.  Don't understand this game but I sure love it.

Great week for the prospects. Hu, Elbert, and McDonald will be heading to the big show. Elbert went early so that he could be on the playoff roster if needed. All he has done is strike out 5 of the 7 hitters he has faced so far. Which means that every out he has recorded so far has been a strikeout. I wonder if our research analyst Eric Stephen can let us know the last time that happened? Hu will replace Kent who will undergo surgery .

Other invites for Sept  were D Young coming back from rehab,  Jason Repko, and Eric Stults. Expect to see Proctor and AJ Ellis.

For AJ Ellis and James McDonald it will be their first time with the big club.  AJ will be trying to impress enough to get a shot at the backup catcher job next year while McDonald hopes to contend for a rotation spot.

Hot Shots:

The Dodgers currently have two of the hottest hitters in the minor leagues and they both do their damage for the Jacksonville Suns. Ivan DeJesus now has a 23 game hitting streak after banging a home run in his 1st at bat in today's game. For a guy with no power he ended August with a triple line stat of  517/614/1.131. You can't get any hotter then that for a middle infielder. The scouts may have to readjust their ceiling and the Dodgers should consider giving him a shot this Sept. With Nomar ailing and unable to play well when on the field and Berroa his backup you'd think they might have room for the hottest hitter in the minor leagues.

I wrote about  what Lambo had done earlier in the week and then he went and got 4 more hits the next night. So far he has played six games and has a  hit in every one of them. His final triple stat line for the Suns in August stands at 448/889/1.337 He will be headed to the AFL as the youngest player in the league. Safe to say this 4th round pick is making scouting directors all over the league wonder why they missed him.

The other player of note this week also hails from the Suns. Twenty one year old Joshua Lindblom the 2nd round pick in this years draft was jumped from the Loons to the Suns last week after he proved to much for the Midwest League. He has only pitched one game so far but he continued to show plus dominance and good command.