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Never in my life

did I think Manny Ramirez had a chance to be playing for the Dodgers with Jeff Kent still on the team. After having lived through the Milton Bradley and Matt Kemp saga's it seemed the last thing the Dodgers would do is bring in a player who plays the game the " wrong way".  I still have a hard time picturing Bowa/Kent/Manny in the same clubhouse but since I've never been in a clubhouse I'm probably clueless how it all works anyway.

 While Dodger fans are rejoicing after a weekend of smashball courtesy of the Predator the rumors of his attempts to make him a 2009 free agent  should be bothersome to me but aren't.  His behavior is strictly between himself and his team but it sure looks like he was not giving much of an effort. Pre Dodger Manny was all pouty and hurt and acted like his whole body was falling apart around him. What with all the 20 million disrespect he was getting it was no wonder his body wasn't able to hold up. But lo and behold, just hours later the Dodger Manny came out wearing superman's cape and he quickly started making a case for his last big payday by saying all the right things and playing as though he was 25. You'd have thought he was a dreadlocked Cal Ripken the way everyone fawned over him. And boy did he produce.

Luckily for the Dodgers his quest for the next big contract could make this season interesting.  They finally got someone they trusted to firm up the soft underbelly of the middle of the lineup, and it looks like he's added some life to the club which badly wants to just have some fun.

Having Manny in LF has rekindled the spark in many a Dodger fan. I already watch every inning of every game but for the next couple of weeks I'll have somone to pop my eyes back open after Juan Pierre puts the sleepy spell on my lidds. Every play that he's involved in comes loaded with excitement and questions. How hard will he hit the ball this time? Well he run hard when he does? Can he catch that fly ball 10 feet away from him? Manny is easily the most exciting mid season acquisition the Dodgers have ever had, and I'm going to enjoy the hell out of watching him for the rest of this year because I'm to old to care about his shenanigans since they don't effect me one wit.

Or do they? Time will tell but I do know one thing. No matter what he does over the next few weeks I don't want him getting an encore at Dodger stadium in 2009. Let's enjoy him and then let him walk. Nothing would be uglier then watching Manny playing LF in 2010 unlesss it has been watching Jeff Kent play 2nd base and Andruw Jones CF in 2008.

Speaking of Jeff Kent, don't you think this is driving him crazy? He needs to win a championship but the only way to that championship is on the shoulders of Manny Ramirez? Kent now has an OPS of .553 in the last 28 days.