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Let us Tempt Fate

Maybe Andrew can create a poll because I can't figure it out. With a 4 1/2 game lead we'd have to really screw the pooch to blow this lead so I'm curious which team you'd like to play. I'm asking this now before we clinch because I think it is important to tempt fate. If 1962 happens it happens but I sure won't think I had anything to do with it.

1. Cubs  - Zambrano/Harden will be tough but you have to like the odds of them not getting into the world series. The fun if you are not a Cub fan is how they manage to screw it up.

2. Mets - Would love to face them this year, we will not see a replay of the Kent/JD fiasco. I'm only saddened by the fact Wagner is not healthy as he was always good for a playoff meltdown.

3. Phillies - If we only have to face Hamels one time I like our chances. Given how hard they may have to work to get intot the playoffs that is a possibility

4. Brewers - CC/Sheets not an easy duo but should be like shooting ducks in a pond if they can't setup their rotation so that these guys go twice each.

5. You crazy bastard you can't talk about the playoffs until we clinch

Andrew does not seem like the type to worry about jinxes or curses or fate but if he is, he can delete this post.