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Going to a game after they clinched is like kissing your niece. It makes for an enjoyable evening but without any tension. So the only reason to go to the game Thursday Night was to hit the 50% sales that have always been a part of the last home game of the season.

So we got there about an hour early to hit the stores and find to our surprise that nothing is on sale except for the Boston Coliseum game merchandize. I knew the Western Division stuff would not be on sale but come on. Smart move by McCourt I guess because I still ended up buying two Western Division Caps, two Western Division Shirts, One MannyWood Shirt, One Manny Skullcap and splurging on the Boston Coliseum stuff.

So we head down to our seats next to the bullpen and the pitchers come out in mass to the bullpen and just start throwing baseball right and left. They all get a standing ovation from those around and D Lowe starts doing heart bumps to the crowd. Not even sure what he's doing there as he was the only starter out there.

Later he left but came out around the 5th inning. Wade quickly jumps up so Lowe can sit in one of the recliners and they are goofing around for about 1/2 an inning when Lowe gets up and runs away and one of the chairs is flung after him. He's never seen again until the post game celebration.

Oh, as the bullpen crew made it's way into the bullpen all the rookies were carrying very girlie pink backpacks. I expect those were part of costumes  they would be wearing as they fly to SF later in the evening. Thanks to Branch Rickey of DT for those photos. Not be to missed are these hazing pictures by SOSG

Frank McCourt proved to be a very smart PR man. Around the 5th inning or so he and Tommy and a few security people made a trip into the LF Pavilion. Tommy got all the love (they still love him at DS) and Frank made sure to follow in his wake and soak up what he could get.

By the end of the evening they had this celebration

While the Dodgers were playing out the string, the Twin, Mets, and Brewers all came from behind to make sure we have a great weekend of non-Dodger baseball to look forward to. After the last couple of starts by Zambrano/Harden you think Cub fans are getting a bit nervous?