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GrandMaster Maddux

Greg Maddux Finishes up 2008 in Style and while the general perception is that Greg Maddux has been a flop as a Dodger his WHIP of 1.15 says otherwise.  His main competition for the four spot in the playoff rotation is Kershaw who had a WHIP of 1.48. Maddux achilles heal is the home run ball and I certainly would not pitch him in  Philly but I wouldn't blow a cornary if Torre decides to use Maddux in Shea or against anyone at home, just make sure the bullpen is warming up in the 4th inning. I still think a tag team of Maddux/Kershaw no matter who starts would be a dynamite solution..

Jon Weisman breaksdown some interesting numbers for the final game of the season. I'm going to be rooting for Manny to hit .400 and DeWitt to reach double digit home runs as a rookie.

Cubs or Phillies? Everyone will have their best rotation in place. I know Dempster has had a great year but I stil can't get my head around the fact he would be starting game one in the playoffs. Of course Cub fans probably feel the same about Billingsley being our game two starter. They have both been unheralded horses this year.