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Good to be home

As much as I was making fun of our pennant race it sure is cool to actually be in one. Jon Weisman does a great job at breaking down our notions of what actually happened in August , and when you view it from that context it doesn't seem so bad.

Five days ago we were 4 1/2 game out with the prospect of facing Dan Haren and Brandon Webb, a tough tag team to have to straighten out against. Then Manny went off on Haren and Webb and we got home in time to face the AAAA Peavyless Padres, and we now stand only 1 1/2 back, just two days away from doing head to head battle again.

Losing singles hitter Jeff Kent probably won't effect the team very much. His power was gone and his limited range had even decreased to the point he really was statue. DeWitt is probably not the solution for a pennant run and I'm a bit shocked that DeJesus isn't with the big club but so far so good. He's had nothing but solid at bats since his return.

This team is really only missing a healthy Furcal from being a good team, one who could raise havoc in the postseason. The reports on his health are unreliable, so we will just have to wait and see if he can help us this year.

We already got Wade back and that has helped. We could still see something productive from Saito and Penny.  Elbert looks like he well help the front end of the bullpen.

To bad Nomar folded back within his withered body, we really could have used one last hurrah from him. It was just the Dodger luck that Juan Pierre finally got hurt but it was after he stopped causing pain to the Dodgers. We could have actually used him in Sept as our Dave Roberts pinch runner.

I understand that Russ Martin has tired legs and that it should effect his power and so forth, but why has his plate discipline gone to hell in a hand basket?