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Roster and Lineups have been Set

Catchers (2): Russell Martin, Danny Ardoin
Infielders (8): James Loney, Blake DeWitt, Angel Berroa, Casey Blake, Nomar Garciaparra, Pablo Ozuna, Jeff Kent, Rafael Furcal
Outfielders (4): Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre
Pitchers (11): Derek Lowe, Chad Billingsley, Hiroki Kuroda, Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton, Takashi Saito, Joe Beimel, Cory Wade, Chan Ho Park, Ramon Troncoso, Greg Maddux

Lineup for Game One:

Furcal, SS
Martin, C
Ramirez, LF
Ethier, RF
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 2B
Blake, 3B
Lowe, P

I expected Ozuna to be playing LF but other then that this is the lineup I'd hoped for. Blake batting 8th. Nice

As far as the roster goes I'm in shock that Troncoso is on the team and Proctor isn't. Proctor was very good in Sept, I bet he's in shock himself. I'm not going to get worked up over Ozuna being the 25th man. If we need him, it will be as a pinch runner.