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We Might Have Screwed That One Up

Matt LaPorta, age 22: 115 AB .304/.369/.696 eight walks, 30 strike outs between rookie ball and A.

Carlos Santana, age 22: 463 AB .326/.431/.568 89 walks, 85 strikeouts at high A.

One of these guys was the number 23 prospect in baseball and center point of a deal for CC Sabathia, the other one was dealt for Casey Blake so we didn't have to pay his salary. LaPorta has the pedigree of being a seventh overall pick so Santana probably won't be a top 25 prospect next year, but Santana did have a much better age 22 season than LaPorta.

I'm not saying Santana is a better prospect than LaPorta, but imagine what would have been said if the Brewers traded LaPorta for Casey Blake. Right now it's not looking much different than what we did. I didn't really mind the move at the time, but it's looking more and more like we'll really miss Carlos Santana.