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Ramblings of man who spent the day in the sun

Seven games into the 20 game winning streak that 6-4-2 said we needed to legitimize the Manny trade.

Saw signs of Kemp getting ready to go on a run after a quiet home stand. I'll admit to looking past the Pittsburgh series and itching to see what Ethier, Manny, Loney, and Kemp can do in the Mile High City.  Loney with 24 RBI's in only 62 plate appearances when he visits the beautiful state of Colorado.

I hear that Pittsburgh has an excellent young 3rd baseman that is having a tough time adjusting to major league pitching. Here's to hoping he doesn't start figuring things out until next weekend.

Has any game changed more then one that was supposed to feature the Cy Young tag team of Randy Johnson/Greg Maddux only to find out it is the battle of the 2006 draft picks. This game should be our advantage. Kuo is ready to pitch and pickup for Clayton after he shuts them down for another 6 innings. Max will not get out of the 5th inning.

The Diamondbacks have thrown Haren/Webb four times at us and have come up 0-4. This was the duo that was supposed to strike fear into the hearts of the NL playoff teams. The only fear they are having now is that they won't get to face that duo and instead might be looking at Lowe/Billingsley.