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What Do These Things Have in Common?

1) How many Dodgers in 2008 scored two or more runs?

2) How many HR did Jim Lefebvre hit when he was the youngest Dodger in history to match his age in HR?*

3) How many intentional walks was Eddie Murray issued in his first season as a Dodger?

4) Who went 1 for 18 against the Dodgers in the 1952 World Series

Answers after the jump


Jack Bauer kicks the door in on Season 7 of 24 tonight at 8pm on Fox!

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1) 24 Dodgers scored two or more runs in 2008, led by Matt Kemp's 93

2) Jim Lefebvre hit 24 HR as a 24-year old in 1966.  The complete list of Dodgers to HR their age:

Player Year HR Age
Dolph Camilli 1941 34 34
Gil Hodges 1956 32 32
Jimmy Wynn 1974 32 32
Reggie Smith 1977 32 32
Todd Zeile 1997 31 31
Jim Lefebvre 1966 24 24

It is worth noting that Manny Ramirez will be 37 in 2009.  He hit 37 HR in 2008.

3) Eddie Murray was issued 24 intentional walks in 1989, in a season in which he batted .247 (although he did put up a 113 OPS+).  A young Greg Maddux led the way by issuing four of those walks!

4) Hank Bauer went 1 for 18 in the 1952 World Series for the Yankees against the Dodgers, but the Yankees won in 7 games anyway