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Dodgers Slow to Lowe: "Let Yourself Go"

Now that Derek Lowe has signed with Atlanta (for 4 years, $60 million), let's look at the updated draft pick compensation worksheet.

Here is a list of all the Type A free agents, in order if their Elias ranking:

Mark Teixeira - 98.889 already signed with Yankees

CC Sabathia - 98.110 already signed with Yankees

Manny Ramirez - 93.438

A.J. Burnett - 89.729 already signed with Yankees

Francisco Rodriguez - 87.196 already signed with Mets

Brian Fuentes - 86.694 already signed with Angels

Orlando Cabrera - 86.000

Raul Ibanez - 83.684 already signed with Phillies

Orlando Hudson - 79.911

Ben Sheets - 79.038

Oliver Perez - 78.694

Juan Cruz - 76.627

Jason Varitek - 76.037

Derek Lowe - 75.430 signed with Braves

The Braves have the 7th pick in the draft, and since their pick is in the top 15, their first round pick is protected and thus the Dodgers stand to receive Atlanta's second round pick.  Unless of course the Braves decide to sign Orlando Cabrera, Orlando Hudson, Ben Sheets, Oliver Perez, Juan Cruz, and/or Jason Varitek, all of whom rank higher than Lowe.  If the Braves sign any of them, the Dodgers' compensatory pick from the Braves would move down a round for each subsequent signing by Atlanta.

Here's a look at the sandwich picks.  The first round has 33 picks (there are 3 extra picks for 2008 draftees that were unsigned), so the sandwich round begins with pick #34.  If every Type A and B free agent remaining signs with a new team, here is how the sandwich picks will play out (completed signings in bold):

34) Mariners (Ibañez – A)
35) Rockies (Fuentes – A)
36) D-Backs (Hudson – A)
37) Dodgers (Manny – A)
38) Blue Jays (Burnett – A)
39) White Sox (Cabrera – A)
40) Mets (O.Perez – A)
41) Brewers (CC – A)
42) Red Sox (Varitek – A)
43) Angels (Tex – A)
44) D-Backs (Cruz – A)
45) Dodgers (Lowe – A)
46) Brewers (Sheets – A)
47) Angels (K-Rod – A)
48) Reds (Affeldt – B)
49) Royals (Grudzielanek – B)
50) Rangers (Bradley – B)
51) D-Backs (Lyon – B)
52) Twins (Reyes – B)
53) Brewers (Shouse – B)
54) Red Sox (Byrd – B)
55) Angels (Garland – B)

If all the Type A/B free agents sign elsewhere, the sandwich pick would be #45, and the Braves' 2nd round pick would be #62 .  This is the worst case scenario.  (Well, actually I guess the worst case scenario would be if the Braves sign more Type A's, but that is unlikely -- well, maybe Juan Cruz).

If all the Type A/B free agents return to their former clubs, the Dodgers' sandwich pick for Lowe would be #36, and the Braves' 2nd round pick would be #49.  This is the best case scenario.