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Who's Left?

Lots of news lately about the mainstays of our staff from 2006-2008 signing with other teams. Penny to Boston, Saito to Boston, and Lowe to Atlanta.

Meanwhile we bring back the shell of an important cog of the 2003/2004 teams in Mota. Not exactly sure that is a good direction.

How many times have the Dodgers made a significant move after Jan 12th? I'm asking because this team needs to make two significant moves before the team is complete? They have the payroll flexibility, do they have the skill and wherewithal to spend the money that separates the gap from the 2008 payroll and the 77 Million we are looking at right now? By the way the payroll in 2009 had been updated on the lower sidebar to the right.

Still need a pitcher to combine with Kuroda/Billingsley/Kershaw. Expectations are that McDonald joins the rotation. They added Vargas as insurance and of course we have Schmidt, with Stults waiting in the wings. I'm only going to include pitchers in this new poll that Ned has expressed an interest in so Sheets and Oliver Perez are sitting this one out.