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Updated Win Shares for 2nd baseman

With Jeff Kent retiring today, lets add his 2008 total into the mix and see what we have. He still stays in 4th place but he breaks the 70 barrier. This is the breakdown of the 2008 Win Shares for 2nd baseman

Tangotiger has an interesting take on Jeff Kent and his HOF chances. Not sure I agree on their take but it is another perspective on how to view Kent.

The seasonal win share top ten list will have to wait for future assaults by the likes of DeWitt, Abreu, or DeJesus.

Below are the 2nd baseman. This is not the definitive number. Many of these players played some games at different positions during the same year. Jim Lefebvre played quite a few games at 3rd base in 1966 but I assigned them 2nd base if they played the majority of games at the position during the year. Jim Gilliam was very tough, but he was the primary 2nd baseman in the early 60's even though he played everywhere. Some 2nd baseman you won't see at all in the complete list as I didn't bother to add up the win shares for players like Paul Popovich, Nate Oliver, Bart Shirley, Schofield and other bit players.
Davey Lopes dominates the top list but his replacement managed to beat him with his peak season in 1986. I doubt many here ever saw Charlie Neal play but he was a force at 2nd base when the team 1st moved to Los Angeles. If you ever get to see the 1959 World Series you will see he played a prominent part in the World Championship as he led the team with an 1.033 OPS during the world series and tied with Wally Moon for the most win shares during the season(25).

Los Angeles Dodgers Seasonal Win Share Leaders for 2nd Baseman
Player Pos Career Win Shares Year Win Shares
Sax, Steve 2nd 134 1986 31
Kent, Jeff 2nd 75 2005 30
Gilliam, Junior 2nd 145 1963 28
Lopes, Davy 2nd 180 1979 27
Lopes, Davy 2nd 180 1978 26
Neal, Charlie 2nd 60 1959 25
Lefebvre, Jim 2nd 106 1966 25
Lopes, Davy 2nd 180 1975 25
Lopes, Davy 2nd 180 1977 24
Sax, Steve 2nd 134 1988 24

For the complete Win Share list click on more.

Career Win Shares for LA Dodger 2nd Baseman

Player Pos Career Win Shares
Lopes, Davy 2nd 180
Sax, Steve 2nd 134
Lefebvre, Jim 2nd 106
Kent, Jeff 2nd 75
Grudzielanek, Mark 2nd 62
Neal, Charlie 2nd 60
Cora, Alex 2nd 56
DeShields, Delino 2nd 37
Young, Eric 2nd 35
Samuel, Juan 2nd 34
Sizemore, Ted 2nd 32
Hunt, Ron 2nd 14
Gilliam, Junior Utility 145
Lacy, Lee Utility 38
Thomas, Derrel Utility 34