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More True Blue Updates

Congratulations to  Eric Stephen as he was recently promoted by SBNation to Co-Manager of the True Blue Blog. At the bottom left you will find his mug now brightening up our main page. When Eric is writing for ESPN or FOXSports you can say you knew him when.

So while we continue to wait on Manny and how the Dodgers spend or don't spend the remaining 40 Million of payroll we are going to stay busy until Spring Training by building the best damn historic LA Dodger lineup we can.

True Blue is going to start doing a poll in which we let True Blue readers determine the all-time Dodger team. However I want to throw a twist into how we go about it. Normally the voters would vote for each position but most times that is to obvious. What I want to do is build the best lineup. For example the first poll would be the LeadOff Position. The obvious candidates would be

Furcal, Wills, Lopes, Pierre:), Junior Gilliam, Steve Sax and so forth. So if we voted Davey Lopes as the lead off hitter, 2nd base is off the table. The way we are going to do this is that we will list six possible candidates. Either Eric or I will post a comment on who we think is the best choice. Then we will enter a day of debate between ourselves and our readers. If you can convince us to add someone to the original six we will. The voting will commence after the 24 hour debate in case something happened during the debate to change your mind. We will do this once a week and the poll will remain up on the main page during that week.

Look for the lead off article by Eric for the lead off position shortly.

At the end of the poll we will have built the best possible lineup of Los Angeles Dodgers.

Many of you might be unaware of Fanposts/FanShots. All of you who are registered have the ability to post on either of those. Fanposts require a certain minimum of characters while a FanShot can be very simple.  Any type of baseball news can be posted on the Fanposts. It you know of some breaking news before we post about it please pop it in a Fanpost. Here is a link from Beyond the BoxScore
as he explains how SBNation bloggers would like to see Fanshots and Fanposts utilized.