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Sunday Notes

While watching the Lakers play the Spurs (and Andrew Bynum staying agressive in the early going), here are a few notes on a lazy Sunday:

1) Get your votes in soon for the all-time LA Dodger leadoff man.  The poll will run until Monday at noon, and will be followed soon thereafter by the poll for the best #2 hitter.

2) A few days ago, John Walsh of The Hardball Times researched America's most wanted outfield arms, and came to the conclusion that the Dodgers' own Matt Kemp had the best centerfield arm in 2008.

3) Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness has an informative and humorous breakdown of the Dodger starting pitcher free agent options.

4) Be sure to participate in the caption contest over at The Sons of Steve Garvey.

5) Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy has a nice recollection of the classic Pedro Guerrero at 3B story:

"And [Lasorda] said, ‘Pedro — third base — what are you thinking down there?'

"And Pedro was very calm and said, ‘Tommy, I'm thinking two things: When a pitcher's winding up, I look up to God and say, ‘Please don't let him hit the ball to me.' And the second thing is — if I have enough time — I pray, ‘Please don't let him hit it to Sax either.

6) We added a couple of new items to the left-hand sidebar:  the current 40-man roster, as well as different sections for blog posts for easy navigation going forward.  If you have any other ideas as to what you would like to see on this blog, please place them in the comments below.

7) True Blue LA is now on Facebook.