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A Date You Don't Need to Mark in Your Calendar

The arbitration date has been set for Andre Ethier and the Dodgers, at February 17.  However, if I'm a betting man -- and I am -- both sides will agree to a deal before that date.  Ethier and the Dodgers are $1.1 million apart, and the midpoint of their requests is $3.2 million, so look for a deal somewhere in that neighborhood.

At the very worst, Ethier will make $2.65 million in 2009, a raise from $424,500.  So Valentine's Day at the Ethier household should be very nice.


I will be a guest on Blog Talk Radio's "Around The Majors"  show with host Tyler Hissey Tuesday morning at 10:20 AM Pacific time, to discuss the Dodgers.  [UPDATE:  The interview went really well.  You should be able to hear the interview by clicking the link above; you may have to register first.  I come on at about the 20 minute mark]

Be sure to vote for your favorite #2 hitter in LA Dodger history.  That poll runs through Thursday at noon.