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Backing Into A Division Title - Game Chat

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<em>Photo courtesy of Juan Ocampo / LA Dodgers</em>
Photo courtesy of Juan Ocampo / LA Dodgers

You know the story.  If the Rockies lose, the Dodgers win the National League West.  The Rockies can clinch a playoff spot with a win.

Aaron Cook vs. Manny Parra.

This is division match point number 8 for the Dodgers.

Here are today's lineups:

2B Lopez CF Fowler
RF Gerut LF Spilborghs  
LF Braun 1B Helton
1B Fielder SS Tulowitzki
3B McGehee 3B Atkins
CF Cameron C Iannetta
SS Escobar RF Hawpe
C Kendall 2B Barmes
P Parra P Cook

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