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NLCS Advance Scouting Game Chat

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The best part of yesterday's snowout in Colorado, for Dodgers' fans, was that it allowed the top starters for both the Phillies and Rockies to pitch Monday in Game 4 on regular rest.  With the NLCS starting Thursday at Dodger Stadium, that means no Ubaldo Jimenez or Cliff Lee in Game 1, and if one were to pitch in Game 2 it would be on short rest. Neither Lee nor Jimenez has ever pitched on three days rest in their careers.

If this division series goes five games, that will likely mean no Aaron Cook or Cole Hamels as well, until at least Game 3 of the NLCS.

In other words, it doesn't really matter who wins tonight, but the other team needs to win tomorrow.

Here are the lineups:

Phillies Rockies
SS Rollins LF Gonzalez
CF Victorino       
CF Fowler
2B Utley 1B Helton
1B Howard SS Tulowitzki
RF Werth C Torrealba
LF Ibañez 3B Atkins
3B Feliz RF Spilborghs   
C Ruiz 2B Barmes
P Happ P Hammel    

TV: TBS (although it may start on TNT)

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