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Frank & Jamie McCourt To Go Their Separate Ways

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I guess that statue of the fans might not get built anytime soon.

Frank and Jamie McCourt, the owner and chief executive officer, respectively, of the Dodgers, have separated, according to multiple sources. The Dodgers released a statement, per the Associated Press, saying, "This is a personal matter and they request that their privacy be respected."

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has more details:

The divorce will not be amicable, one source said.

"They've already 'lawyered' up," the source said. "They're trashing each other terribly. It's going to be World War III

At stake: The future of the Dodgers, a team valued at $722 million by Forbes magazine. Forbes calculates the value of a team based on its current stadium deal without deduction for debt.

If they end up getting divorced, they will most likely have to sell the team.  Let's just hope this divorce/sale goes better for the Dodgers than it did for the Padres, who slashed payroll by over 40% this season in the ugly John & Becky Moores split and subsequent sale of the club.

It's at times like these we need the dulcet tones of one Steve Perry:

Los Angeles Times article

Thanks to Tripon, El Lay Dave, and Bison27 for the news.