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Not even a moral victory

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Kuroda did more then just lose a playoff game he killed every Dodger playoff party before they even got going. Nothing like being down 6 - 0 to someone like Cliff Lee before the seats were warm. As early as the 2nd inning you have to find something to pin your hopes on so you start looking for moral victories, something to pass the time, knowing the game was probably already out of reach. With Bob Timmerman, BHSportsyguy, HollywoodJoe, Jacob Burch, and JasonUnger around we had some good Dodger fans who all tried to find some sliver linings.

If Elbert could come in and shut them down that would make the future brighter - Nope, Elbert looked just as I feared he'd look, a wild ass lefty.

With Elbert down we could turn to Billingsley and hope he'd shut them down and maybe make a case as a game seven starter - After retiring the first nine batters he faced it looked like we had pinned our hopes on the right guy. Then just like his implosions in the sixth he gave up a walk, triple, single, and the 6 run deficit became an insurmountable 8 run deficit. Luckily he was able to use Lee as his escape hatch.

Things were getting desperate, could we even get a XBH? - I mentioned how we had won Friday without an XBH and that the last time the Dodgers didn't get an XBH in a World Series was the fourth game of the 66 series. How many times had the Dodgers ever gone two games without an XBH? Bob Timmermann was upto the task and went through every post season game, and found that the Dodgers had never gone two straight post season games without an XBH. We had to get one, that was the moral victory that kept us watching the debacle for the rest of the game. When Belliard fouled out for the final out we not only lost 11 - 0 we had absolutely nothing to hang our hat on.

Until Bob Timmermann informed us that the last post season team to go two games without an XBH was the 2003 World Champion Florida Marlins.  Thanks Bob, we needed that.