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Carlos Ruiz = Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, and Mike Piazza all rolled into one

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An exaggeration to be sure, but WTF, this guy is killing us and has been all year. It seems like he's been doing it forever but really he just started this year. His career OPS is .716 but against Dodger pitching it is 1.132 and that was not including the post season.

That is a bit misleading, when we look at those splits we find that all of that damage has happened in 2009. In 2009 he really is those three great HOF catchers rolled into one. During the regular season he bashed us in 29 plate appearances to the tune of .571/.714/1.000/1.714.  He combined seven walks with eight hits to get on base 15 times in 29 plate appearances. Out of those 8 hits were four extra base hits.

Still this is Carlos Ruiz, not Joe Mauer, so eventually skills should lose out over luck, right?  That couldn't come soon enough for Dodgers fans because after three playoff games Carlos Ruiz has taken that 2009 regular season performance and doubled down. Ruiz has been on base eight times in only fourteen plate appearances. Five hits, double, home run, four runs batted, three more walks, and you are looking at a 1.852 OPS.  When you are getting owned by the number eight hitter in the lineup your chances of winning a seven game series are not very high.