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Hiroki Kuroda Out For NLDS

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Phil Gurnee is at the park tonight, and he just reported that Hiroki Kuroda is out for the first round of the playoffs.  Joe Torre announced that "Kuroda has a small herniation of his cervical spine," but no surgery will be needed.

With Kuroda out of the NLDS, I am guessing the starting rotation will be Randy Wolf, Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, then Jon Garland.  Ben Maller reported that Joe Torre did in fact say Garland would take Kuroda's spot in the rotation.  However, conflicting information comes from Ken Gurnick of, who reported that Billingsley, Garland, and Vicente Padilla are all in the running to start in the playoffs, but "no decision on who joins Randy Wolf and Clayton Kershaw will be made until an opponent is determined." (thanks to El Lay Dave for that link)

Padilla has been announced as the starter for Sunday's regular season finale.