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Et tu, Brute?

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It is a little tiring that TBLA has championed Broxton and Billingsley only to have them fail at inopportune times. After trying to convince everyone that Billingsley  was an ace with the numbers to back it up, Billingsley decided to become a five inning pitcher and mock us. Eric has touted the brilliance of Broxton time and time again to anyone who doubts his status as one of the games elite closers. Is this anyway to pay back your biggest fan?

If game four of the NLCS in 2008 was like getting kicked in the gonads, then last nights game was a sucker punch by your best friend. No way to sugar coat last nights loss, it was as tough if not tougher then last years game four. That Broxton was at the receiving end of both of these defeats makes it even tougher. We know how good he is, even Darling moments before the hit was saying that he might have the best stuff he's seen this year. But baseball is baseball and Rollins did what he needed to do after Broxton opened the door for him with the most ill advised walk of his career.

Last night was a bad time for find out  what the other team feels like when Andre was giving us walk offs during every home stand. Not a feeling I want to get used to, in the heat of the moment I can even understand dumping on Broxton but I'm sure if you follow the game at all, you know that even the best can be beaten by anyone. I was not as upset with the hit as I was with the four pitch walk. I could even understand walking Stairs given what he did to Broxton in the past, but four pitches? Anyway Stairs/Ruiz are the new Clark/Smith.  Ruiz didn't do much yesterday other then score the winning run.  These are the World Champions and a very very good team. We may be down 3 - 1 to but other than Sunday we have gone toe to toe with them. The Dodgers have their problems but as a team we are right there with the best in baseball. We didn't get the breaks last night, the umpiring was atrocious, and we still almost pulled off a victory on the road. So close.........

30 years ago I'd have let this loss ruin my week, possibly my winter, possibly my marriage. We have to shake it off, look toward the next game, and when there is no next game, look toward next year. Believe me, time moves so fast that wallowing in the present does no one any good. Who cares what the pundits say or the local writers with their own agenda's? They are dirt underneath our shoes that we should just scrap off on the doorstep as we enter our homes. Unless of course they like us or agree with our thoughts, then we should listen.

During the last thread we had some trolls invade our site, for the most part we responded like children involved in a name calling incident on the playground.  You all know what the trolls want, you have a choice to feed them or ignore them. Some were asking for us to ban everyone who dared to mock us. I know Eric ended up banning a few of them plus a few of our shorter term members who never quite understood what we are trying to create here. In life you have to deal with the mockers, but in a thread that extends for hundreds of comments, the mocking comments will quickly get lost to history. If they persist they will be banned but I'd hate to remove everyone who happens to have a dissenting view. 

Both Eric and I take the Dodgers seriously, or we wouldn't be spending the amount of time we do on this site. But after a loss like last night the last thing either of us wanted to do was read the comments of frustration that was sure to spill out. I may not seem like I'm here much but I read every comment every day to every thread or fanpost or fanshot. The negativity weighs me down so after the game I needed a break, and from what Eric said, he needed a break. Yes, maybe the site could have used some moderators, or maybe the folk who make up the TBLA membership could simply have shown restraint and ignored the flamers.  I've seen just about everyone here make fun of MCC and their poster behavior but I'm not sure what differentiates them from us when we are in a bad mood.I I joined this site to write about the Dodgers, Eric joined to write about the Dodgers, I'm fairly certain neither of us opted to manage TBLA so we could wade through hundreds of  "fuck this" comments when things go south. Luckily the Dodgers have had a hell of year, but I wonder if either of us would be able to deal with this blog if we were to have a 2005 meltdown. We are in the NLCS and I'm at a loss to understand the negativity.

We appreciate your membership and are glad you have chosen TBLA to follow and root for your team. Unlike Tommy Lasorda I  don't believe that the Dodger fans are the best fans in the world. Every team in every sport has the same demographics of great fans - crappy fans. I had hoped that TBLA like Dodger Thoughts would cultivate a higher level of fan and for the most part it has lived upto that expectation. On a good day our members are bloody brilliant, ranging from funny to introspective and they keep us laughing and thinking. Just like a marriage I have to remember those good days when faced with a bad day to keep things in perspective.

We lost yesterday, but man wasn't it a great game? So many great moments, Matt Kemp putting the slug on, Manny with an improbable shoe string catch, Kuo doing what he does best, and Broxton in the 8th, doing what he does best. It is a shame that Manny's catch will now be a footnote but for a guy who is always made out to be a clown, the concentration on his face when he made that catch, that is what remains with me today.

Down 3  - 1 is not something that teams normally come back from, I have no expectations that we can defeat this team three games in a row as we face Hamels/Pedro/Lee but we will take one game at a time and hopefully this Saturday we will have a game thread.