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Werth and Victorino lead demolition of Dodgers

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Congratulations to the Phillies, they have a great team, augmented by two ex-Dodger who have become all-star outfielders and postseason stars in Philadelphia.  Is anything more painful to watch then what Victorino and Werth have done against us? They combined to hit five home runs and drive in 12 runs, including three home runs and seven runs batted in tonight. Some of you may hate Victorino but I have nothing but respect, the man can play the game. Next time someone tells you that what a 23 year old does in AA doesn't mean jack, tell them to ask PaulDeposta if that is true or not. And Ned whatever scout told you not to pony up the $850,000 for Werth in 2006, I hope like hell you've fired his ass by now. Especially if he was the same scout who recommended that Juan Pierre at 5 years and 50 Million was a good idea during the same winter.

After 31 years Dodger fans finally we get to feel what Philly fans felt like after 1978. Except the Phillies played us tougher in 77 and 78 then we played them in 2008 and 2009.

Hated to see the season end before bringing it home one more time, even down 10 - 4 I thought maybe we could do some damage when we loaded the bases. We just needed to extend the inning one batter between Loney, Martin, and Blake to allow Thome to try to do what he was brought here to do.  Just one batter, but it was not be,  and Thome was left helpless on desk as Blake did what he's done the whole post season. Nothing.  Did he hit the ball hard even once this postseason?

Orlando Hudson may have only played for us for one year but he had a hell of a start and finish. Cycles on Dodger Stadium opening day and then hits the first pinch hit post season home run since Gibson, and man did he crush it. I have no idea why Belliard played every single post season game other then the guess that Hudson was hurt but he sure didn't look hurt.  Belliard had a decent postseason, and I doubt Hudson would have made much difference, but it was one of the more puzzling moves I've ever seen any manager make in the postseason.

Andre can't hit lefties on the road to save his life all year and hammers Hamels in the 1st inning. Andre is well on his way to making those Paul O'Neil comparisons come true except he got better sooner. Everyone wants to sign Matt Kemp but I think Andre has the kind of skills that would be quite productive over the next 3-5 years.

Manny simply looks like an old 37 year old HOF left fielder. He's still got some bat but the elite skills are probably gone except in bursts. We were lucky enough to see the best of him, now we will be unlucky enough to see the worse of him, but at least it will only be for one more year and he should hit just enough that he won't be a total downer. Plus in all his goofiness I like watching him play when he's not menstruating.

Matt Kemp for all his growth in 2009 has more growing to do. Striking out in 1/2 your postseason at bats is not unlucky it is bad work. Our best player has to do more to get us into the World Series. That is a lot to put on him but he's the franchise player and his job is to pound LHP, and he didn't. At all. Still he had one hell of a 2009 and it will be fun to watch the best home grown centerfielder in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers as he continues to develop his game.

James Loney had his 2nd straight productive postseason, taking Hamels deep twice and keeping his career postseason slugging over .500% while hitting against some of the best pitchers in baseball. I was more surprised he popped up with the bases loaded in the 8th then any other at bat tonight.

Casey Casey Casey

Furcal Furcal Furcal

Martin Martin Martin

You wouldn't be wrong to say that Furcal, Blake, and Martin are better then Feliz, Rollins, and Ruiz, but man oh man did the latter kick the formers butt when it came time to play the game.

This is the last I'll talk about these playoffs until next year when we prepare for them again.


I had a great year, thanks to Eric and everyone else who contributed to making TBLA a place to read about our favorite team. TBLA's growth from the day the Dodgers showed up in Arizona for spring workouts until tonight has been amazing to watch. Tonight we had more visits then we did for the whole month of postseason baseball in 2008. I don't know who you all are because many of you are lurkers but I hope you keep coming back for Eric's take as we move from the painful post season to the promise of 2010.

From Kershaw's gem on April 15th to Padilla inexplicable domination last Friday this team gave us a  seasons worth of memories. What was your favorite one or combination?


Andre walk off after walk off - which one to choose

Padilla game three in the NLDS

Padilla game two in the NLCS

Hudson's Cycle

Kemp's grand slams

Broxton's utter domination at home

Juan Beast Mode Pierre in May