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What Was Your Favorite Memory of the 2009 Dodgers?

What was your favorite moment this season?  A few that popped to mind for me were:

  • Vin Scully throwing out the first pitch at the home opener
  • The O-Dog's cycle
  • Chad Billingsley shutting down the Giants with 11 strikeouts
  • Clayton Kershaw doing the same two days later with 13 strikeouts
  • Ramon Troncoso's four-inning save in Colorado
  • The Bobbleslam
  • Any of Andre Ethier's six walk-offs
  • Matt Kemp's over-the-shoulder catch in Milwaukee (after hitting a grand slam the previous half inning)
  • Kemp's eighth-inning home run to beat Houston, capping a day when he scored all four Dodger runs
  • Hong-Chih Kuo's double intentional walk, followed by blowing away Rick Ankiel
  • Seeing the division clincher on True Blue LA night
  • Mark Loretta's game-winning single in the NLDS

I'm sure I missed quite a few moments, but feel free to share your favorite 2009 Dodger memories in the comments below.