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Los Angeles Dodgers Number One 2010 Top Prospect - Chat & Vote

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Based on the criteria below

Determining rookie status:
A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues; or (b) accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the period of 25-player limit (excluding time in the military service and time on the disabled list).

McDonald is no longer considered a Rookie. We have some interesting candidates for the number one spot that was previously occupied by James McDonald.

For those who already voted, since I erroneously excluded Scott Elbert from the proceeding we are starting all over again with Scott very much in the discussion for the number one position.

Bday Name Update
8/13/1985 Scott Elbert Elbert was the Dodger Minor League Pitcher of the Year in 2009 and did an excellent job in the AA and AAA rotations after spending all of 2008 in the AA bullpen. Once promoted to the Dodgers for good in Sept he spent the month performing as a Loogy. He's probably going to be death to lefties throughout his career but he's going to have to work on that command if the wants to be an important factor in a rotation. BA left him off the top prospect list because they don't feel he is going to be a fixture in a major league rotation. The Dodgers sure didn't show much confidence in his ability to start since they never gave Elbert even one such opportunity, instead turning to the likes of Milton, Schmidt, Weaver, Haegar, Stults, Padilla, and Garland. They also weren't very confident in him to be a solid middle relief option by trading two solid prospects for Sherrill. So I don't see the Dodgers showing much confidence in their Minor League Pitcher of the Year. At 24 years old he's, he's easily the oldest prospect on the this list, is he still the best simply because he already made the major leagues?
5/1/1987 Ivan DeJesus Did not play in 2009 due to a broken leg. I'm firmly convinced that if DeJesus had played this season he'd be the top position prospect for the Dodgers. We already know what he can do in AA at the age of 21 so it doesn't take much insight to figure he'd have kicked butt in 2009 at AA/AAA.
8/11/1988 Andrew Lambo Muddled through his first full season of AA ball and some scouts have marked him down to a fourth outfielder. That seems very premature given his age since he only turned 21 during the season. He held his own but didn't give any indication he can hit enough to man LF but the jury is still out. With an ISOP of only .150 in combination of a walk rate below 9% he's got a lot of work to do but has plenty of time to get that work in. On the plus side he is totally mashing in the AFL as we speak. BA ranked him as the 18th top prospect in the Southern league.
6/15/1987 Josh Lindblom 2008 number two pick Lindblom started out in AA working in relief and starting but once promoted to AAA he was used strictly as a relief pitcher. He had a good year but not a dominating year and failed to make any top prospect lists.
/1/1989 Chris Withrow No pitcher had a better minor league season then Withrow including Dodger minor league pitcher of the year Scott Elbert. The 2007 number one pick finally got healthy and quickly put baseball on notice that he was someone to be reckoned with. The Dodgers aggressively skipped him to the tough offensive environment in the California League and he was more then up to the challenge. His ERA of 4.69 is not very glittery but his FIP of 3.49 belies the skills as that FIP would have led the league. Being one of the youngest pitchers in the Cal League in addition to being one of the best pitchers in the League you'd think the scouts might have noticed him and they did, rewarding him with a ranking as the 4th best prospect in the Cal League. The Dodgers continued to be aggressive with Withrow and promoted him to AA. Once in AA he continued to impress and ended the season with a five inning two hitter with eight K's and no runs. Being a legit 20 year old in AA is quite an achievement. Like many of our hard throwing kids, he's got to work on his command. With a K Rate in excess of 25% he also has a walk rate in double digits. Even though he was our number one pick in 2007 this is first real taste of professional baseball. He's no April Fool.
4/22/1988 Dee Gordon We were excited about Gordon before the season started but by the end of the year the scouts were the one's who were drooling over his tools. Most of the drooling is because of his "raw" talent and when that raw talent starts turning into more production we could really have something. After a sizzling July he seemed to run out of gas in August but that did not stop the 21 year old from being named the MWL CO-MVP (along with Kyle Russell) and to be voted 2nd best prospect in the MidWest League by BA. The speed is unquestioned, maybe the fastest player in the organization he led the MWL in stolen bases but he's also 2nd in the league in being caught (73/30). He's no Juan Pierre, as he has gap power, and was developing some patience as the season wore. He started April with a walk rate of 4.7% and ended it in Aug at 7.9% with a high of 8.1% in July. He made a ton of errors but has the arm and range to stick at SS.