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Post Season Pool Update

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Hard to believe that of 83 entries no one picked the Phillies to repeat. Down to just two teams.


Contestant NLRnd1 NLWC NL-Champ ALRnd1 ALWC AL-Champ WS TB Points
Actual Dodgers/3 Phillies/4 Phillies/5 Yankees/3 Anges/3 Yankees/6
Dsm9412 Dodgers/5 Phillies/4 Dodgers/6 Yankees/3 Angels/4 Yankees/6 Yankees/5 8 28
ukDodgers StLouis/5 Phillies/4 Phillies/7 Yankees/3 Angels/5 Yankees/7 Yankees/6 2 27


Even though Dsm9412 didn't pick the Phillies.  if they win he will win the contest. If the Yankee's win then it is could depend on how far the series goes. A tie will go to UkDodgers for only picking the Dodgers to win 2 games while Dsm9412 went with 8.