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Pillsbury DoughBoy Heir Jeff Fuller

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appears to be the man in the middle of the McCourts. Normally I'd ignore this gossip but how can I ignore someone who until recently was the Dodger Director of Protocol? Director of Protocol? What on earth could this person do? Did the Dodgers have dignitaries from Israel visiting? Did he determine where the GBA singer stood and how long they could sing? Vin Scully is close to royalty but I don't think he's meeting with any foreign dignitaries. Did Jeff decide which gift to give Bud Selig when Bud visits Dodgers Stadium?

If there was a cushier job in the Dodger organization I can't imagine what it could be and isn't a cushy job something you would expect of a Pillsbury Doughboy heir? I could care less about what Frank and Jamie are doing or did do as this thing unwinds but I just can't ignore the fact the Dodgers had a Director of Protocol and that he was fired in Mid - October and then Jamie was fired for

failure to follow procedures, and inappropriate behavior with a direct subordinate."

and a week later the ex Director of Protocol is having lunch with the ex Dodger CEO. It is easy to see how this whole mess started, Jamie wanted to poke the Pillsbury dough boy and one poke led to a girlish giggle and before you know it a $800 million dollar franchise is at risk because Jeff was doing the office PopNFresh with the incredibly hot Dodger CEO who simply stands out among the throngs of Southern California beauties when it comes to brains.

Then again, Jeff may simply be a friend that Jamie was having lunch with who was giving her advice on how to handle being fired when you are a mega millionaire.

For the latest real information on the Divorce the LA Times Bill Shalkin has some details of Jamie being fired and why Frank may have included those tidbits in the termination letter. I was hoping SOSG had come up with a clever column so I could ignore this story and just link to them but they have yet to produce anything other then a poll. Any minute now they should be sending spasms of laughter our way. Come on Director of Protocol, Pillsbury DoughBoy, PopNFresh, Jamie McCourt, this should write itself for someone with a gift for humor.

Except in any divorce there is pain for all parties involved, for a couple about to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary a lifetime of memories are going to be tested for them and their children. Maybe that is why SOSG is staying their hand? Then again we all know all humor is based on real pain so while I'm sorry for the predicament that the McCourts are in, once in a while I'm going to take a poke at a commercial icon and hope to emit an uncomfortable giggle. The McCourts are about to unleash a season of pain upon their fans so a few jokes at their expense is probably all the payback I'll get.