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Los Angeles Dodgers Number Five 2010 Top Prospect - Chat & Vote

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TBLA Prospect Number One Chat and Vote - Chris WIthrow
TBLA Prospect Number Two Chat and Vote - Dee Gordon
TBLA Prospect Number Three Chat and Vote - Scott Elbert
TBLA Prospect Number Four Chat and Vote - Ivan DeJesus

Even though a vocal minority of one in our community felt that DeJesus did not deserve to win this vote his arguments fell on deaf ears as DeJesus easily wins the fourth spot. While he may chide us for not understanding, the majority felt that maybe he was the one who did not understand.

For the fifth vote I'm going to change it up a little and remove several of the players who have gotten little support. While Eovaldi and Gould may have big futures the voters don't feel they belong here yet. It is a testament to the system that we still have such quality on the board that will take us all they way to the top ten.

Prospect Information
DOB Prospect Name Drafted Info
6/6/1989 Ethan Martin 2008 No 1 Number one pick in 2008 Ethan Martin started 2009 on fire but ran into trouble in June April. He ended up the year in a tag team with Nathan Eovaldi and the Dodgers never let him throw more the 3 innings after Aug 1st. Highlights - April - 32.9 K/PA along with 8.9 BB/PA , Downlights - June - 14.7 K/PA and 13.7 BB/PA. He was picked by BA as the 10 best prospect in the MWL. He very possibly has the best arm on this list, unless it Nathan Eovaldi's.
9/1/1987 Trayvon, Robinson 2005 No 10 No one made a bigger move up the prospect ladder then Trayvon Robinson who came into the year with a reputation as a slap hitter with great speed who struck out to much and had little plate discipline. He ended the 2009 campaign as the starting CF for the AA Lookouts after torching the California League, showing large not subtle improvement in his power and plate discipline.
9/18/1987 Aaron Miller 2009 Suppl No 1 Number one 2009 draft pick Aaron Miller was quick to make an impact with his sterling work for the Great Lake Loons, winning the first playoff game in Loon history and impressing everyone along the way. Striking out over 32% of batters faced while walking less then 10% will put a smile on Dodgers fans as they contemplate the future with Aaron Miller.
6/15/1987 Josh Lindblom 2008 No 2 2008 number two pick Lindblom started out in AA working in relief and starting but once promoted to AAA he was used strictly as a relief pitcher. He had a good year but not a dominating year and failed to make any top prospect lists.
8/11/1988 Andrew Lambo 2007 No 4 Muddled through his first full season of AA ball and some scouts have marked him down to a fourth outfielder. That seems very premature given his age since he only turned 21 during the season. He held his own but didn't give any indication he can hit enough to man LF but the jury is still out. With an ISOP of only .150 in combination of a walk rate below 9% he's got a lot of work to do but has plenty of time to get that work in. On the plus side he is totally mashing in the AFL as we speak. BA ranked him as the 18th top prospect in the Southern league.
2/13/1990 Nathan Eovaldi 2008 No 11 Nathan was supposed to be a sleeper pick headed into this season but anyone who payed attention knew about his big arm. He had a few stretches this year where he was the best pitcher for the Loons and just like Miller, he was never allowed to throw more then three innings after Aug 1st. He had a rough April, settled down in May and then went the exact opposite of Martin with a stunning June in which he allowed only two earned runs in five starts. His numbers in Aug were dreadful as the K/PA fell to 14% while the BB/PA increased to 15% after being below 9% the previous three months. He's already had TJ surgery, will his arm hold up over a full professional season? Given how few innings he pitched in 2009 the fall off in August has to be a little concerning.
7/19/1991 Garrett Gould 2009 No 2 Gould only pitched in three games for Ogden so any support for him will have to come from what he did in high school. From the baseball factory:
Gould is a big, strong RHP who is aggressive with his fastball that pushes into the low 90s. There is some deception to his high effort delivery and a curve ball with bite and change with fade round out his repetoire
This is what Kensai has to say about him