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Manny Ramirez To Exercise Option, Return To Dodgers

In a move that is not much of a surprise, Manny Ramirez is going to exercise his $20 million option for 2010, and remain with the Dodgers, per Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

Just as in 2009, much of Manny's 2010 salary is deferred.  Per our Dodger payroll worksheet (there is always a link on the right sidebar of the front page as well), here is the payout of Manny's salary:

Year 2009 Salary 2010 Salary Total Salary
2009 $7,267,760 $7,267,760
2010 $10,000,000 $10,000,000
2011 $3,633,880 $3,333,333 $6,967,213
2012 $3,633,880 $3,333,333 $6,967,213
2013 $3,633,880 $3,333,333 $6,967,213
Total $18,169,399 $20,000,000 $38,169,399

Keep in mind that Manny's 2009 salary was reduced by his 50-game suspension.  Player's salaries are computed over the 183-day regular season, so Manny lost $6,830,601 of his $25 million salary for being ineligible 50 of the 183 days, spread out through 2013.

Manny Ramirez hit .290/.418/.531 with 19 home runs and 63 RBI in 104 games in 2009.  He started 99 of a possible 112 games while active.  The official decision to exercise the player option does not need to be made until November 10 or five days after the World Series, whichever is later.