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Los Angeles Dodgers Number Six 2010 Top Prospect - Chat & Vote Story

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TBLA Prospect Number Two Chat and Vote - Dee Gordon
TBLA Prospect Number Three Chat and Vote - Scott Elbert
TBLA Prospect Number Four Chat and Vote - Ivan DeJesus
TBLA Prospect Number Five Chat and Vote - Ethan Martin

Ethan Martin won both the poll and the insider member edition run off vote but it was nip and tuck the whole way. Members discounted yours truly opinion and even discounted Memories of Kevin Malone's own Kensai opinion by opting for Ethan Martin. This next vote will only be between Andrew Lambo and Aaron Miller. Whoever wins becomes our number six prospect and whoever loses becomes our number seven prospect and then we put a new group back on the table.

Prospect Information
DOB Prospect Name Drafted Info
9/18/1987 Aaron Miller 2009 Suppl No 1 Number one 2009 draft pick Aaron Miller was quick to make an impact with his sterling work for the Great Lake Loons, winning the first playoff game in Loon history and impressing everyone along the way. With a K/9 rate of 11.3 and BB/9 rate of 3.0 Dodgers fans will be smiling as they contemplate the future with Aaron Miller. Then again Josh Lindblom was even better in the same number of innings in his professional debut last summer and he is not even going to make the top seven this year. So maybe we are rating what Miller did to highly? Except the scouts also love him, and Lindblom looks to be a relief pitcher so I'm buying into the Miller hype for the time being.
8/11/1988 Andrew Lambo 2007 No 4 Muddled through his first full season of AA ball and some scouts have marked him down to a fourth outfielder. That seems very premature given his age since he only turned 21 during the season. He held his own but didn't give any indication he can hit enough to man LF but the jury is still out. With an ISOP of only .150 in combination of a walk rate below 9% he's got a lot of work to do but has plenty of time to get that work in. On the plus side he is totally mashing in the AFL as we speak. BA ranked him as the 18th top prospect in the Southern league. Canuck has compared him to Andre Ethier which is high praise indeed. Hard to compare the two because Lambo is doing his work at a much younger age then Andre did at the comparable levels.