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Los Angeles Dodgers Number Nine 2010 Top Prospect - Chat & Vote

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1 Chat and Vote - Chris WIthrow
2 Chat and Vote - Dee Gordon
3 Chat and Vote - Scott Elbert
4 Chat and Vote - Ivan DeJesus
5.Chat and Vote - Ethan Martin
6.Chat and Vote - Andrew Lambo
7. Aaron Miller
8. Chat and Vote - Josh Lindlbom

It was close between Lindblom and Trayvon until the afternoon when Josh just blew him away using his killer repertoire

Lindblom touched 96 mph as a college reliever, and he still pitched with plus velocity (89-94) as a pro starter, with plenty of heavy life on his fastball. His heater bores in on righthanders, his slider has lateral tilt and his splitter is a swing-and-miss pitch. He has a durable body, clean delivery and good mound presence..

If the voters go down the same path as the last vote this next poll is really between Xavier Paul and Trayvon Robinson as we decide which one of these center fielders has the better future. Both of these players are similar in some aspects.

1. Both play center field

2. Both have some power but neither will ever be considered home run hitters.

3. Both strike out much more then they should given their lack of power. At least when Kyle Russell makes contact you know the ball is going big fly.

4. Paul put up huge numbers in AAA but a closer look shows he did most of his damage at home in one of the best offensive parks in baseball. Robinson put up big numbers in the offensive California League. Paul couldn't break an OPS of .800 while in the Southern League joining Lambo in that futility.

5. They both need work on their stolen base game. Robinson has been caught 46 times in 149 attempts which won't get it done if he wants to have value as a basestealer. Eric reported for what it is worth that Trayvon is considered by 66er fans to be one of the worse baserunners on the team. Paul isn't much better as he's been caught 48 times in 134 attempts.

To be honest I'm not sure why Paul got so much traction in the last vote. In the best possible scenario he could become Shane Victorino but I think he has a very small chance of that happening. The reality is that Paul is probably going to become at best a platoon outfielder who never holds a regular job on a good team. We don't know yet what Robinson will do with the two 1/2 years he has on Paul. I'd rather hedge my bet on what we don't know then what we do know. Some have seen Paul's excellent numbers in AAA but as Eric showed in the chat, the MLE's for that kind of production are tepid. I don't want to make it seem like I don't like Paul, I do, I think in 2010 he'd make an excellent fourth outfielder for the team because he can play all three outfield positions, can give us a solid pinch hitter against RHP, can pinch run. But this team is probably in trouble if Xavier Paul is playing LF with any regularity.

I'd welcome any arguments for anyone on this list. If you think someone should be winning this poll just don't call the vote a sham. Put together a cohesive argument on why you think so because otherwise it is irritating to read someone say "this is ridiculous, blah blah is clearly the better player" without any arguments to back it. I spend a good amount of time writing this stuff up and a three second comment bashing the voting is just irritating. If you don't like the way a vote is going, give reasons why you think the voters are wrong.

Kyle Russell was talked about quite a bit in the last chat and vote. I personally like Kyle Russell very much because the Dodgers have no one close to him when it comes to power. He may have more power then anyone has had since Billy Ashley was in the system but those of us who remember, know what happened to Billy Ashley. The difference and I hope this is the difference between failure and success is that Kyle Russell is an excellent athlete. That said I'm not putting him on the ballot until after this next vote. I'm a bit amazed that our system got so deep that Gould/Eovaldi/Webster are looking at the outside of the top ten.

Prospect Information
DOB Prospect Name Drafted Info
7/19/1991 Garrett Gould 2009 No 2 Gould only pitched in three games for Ogden so any support for him will have to come from what he did in high school. From the baseball factory:
Gould is a big, strong RHP who is aggressive with his fastball that pushes into the low 90s. There is some deception to his high effort delivery and a curve ball with bite and change with fade round out his repetoire
This is what Kensai has to say about him
2/13/1990 Nathan Eovaldi 2008 No 11 Nathan was supposed to be a sleeper pick headed into this season but anyone who payed attention knew about his big arm. He had a few stretches this year where he was the best pitcher for the Loons and just like Miller, he was never allowed to throw more then three innings after Aug 1st. He had a rough April, settled down in May and then went the exact opposite of Martin with a stunning June in which he allowed only two earned runs in five starts. His numbers in Aug were dreadful as the K/PA fell to 14% while the BB/PA increased to 15% after being below 9% the previous three months. He's already had TJ surgery, will his arm hold up over a full professional season? Given how few innings he pitched in 2009 the fall off in August has to be a little concerning.
Xavier Paul
Paul has climbed every step of the minor league ladder and finally made it to the big leagues in May only to be felled by a nasty infection that basically ended his season. In April he destroyed AAA which got him called up upto the Dodgers. Bad luck found him and instead of backing up Juan Pierre during the Manny suspension he was in the hospital fighting a nasty infection. By the time he was healthy it was Sept so other then a few rehab at bats for the Isotopes his season was done. If he's centerfielder then he might be able to produce something along the levels of Shane Victorino, if he's only a corner then being a platoon outfielder is probably his future
2/10/1990 Allen Webster No 18 2008 Where did he come from? Just an 18th round pick in 2008, Webster was ranked by BA as the 3rd best prospect in the Arizona League, where this 19 year old turned some heads. From BA
No AZL player boosted his prospect stock this season as much as Webster, who's listed in the MLB database by his first name (Carl) but prefers to go by his middle name. An 18th-round pick in 2008, he walked 17 batters in 18 innings during his first pro season in the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League. After moving to Arizona when the Dodgers shifted their complex-based affiliate, he posted a 56-14 K-BB ratio in 48 innings before continuing to excel following a promotion to the Rookie-level Pioneer League. Though Webster still is growing into his 6-foot-2, 165-pound frame, he already has a fastball that reaches 94-95 mph. He throws strikes with his heater, as well as with a plus breaking ball and a promising changeup that he needs to use more often. Dodgers pitching instructor George Culver said an improved delivery was the key to Webster's big step forward. "He had a lot of issues with it last year. He was a green pea," said Culver. "His mechanics right now are as good as you want to see with a kid with no more pitching experience than he's had.
9/1/1987 Trayvon, Robinson 2005 No 10 No one made a bigger move up the prospect ladder then Trayvon Robinson who came into the year with a reputation as a slap hitter with great speed who struck out to much and had little plate discipline. He ended the 2009 campaign as the starting CF for the AA Lookouts after torching the California League, showing large not subtle improvement in his power and plate discipline.