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Dodgers Open NLDS Wednesday @ 6:37pm Pacific

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Major League Baseball has released a partial schedule for the division series.  The Dodgers will open game one on Wednesday at Dodger Stadium against the Cardinals at 6:37pm Pacific time.

The start time of game two is contingent upon which ALDS schedule is chosen by the Yankees:

  • If the Yankees choose the eight-day ALDS (beginning Wednesday), Game 2 of the Dodgers series is at 3:07pm Pacific time.
  • If the Yankees choose the seven-day ALDS (beginning Thursday), Game 2 of the Dodgers series is at 6:37pm Pacific time.

The Yankees, who have the right to choose their division series schedule by virtue of having the best record in the American League, have until one hour after the one-game AL Central playoff game is concluded on Tuesday to decide their ALDS schedule.  The Tuesday game between the Tigers and Twins starts at 2pm Pacific time.

Saturday's third game in St. Louis will start at 3:07pm Pacific time.

All division series games will be televised on TBS.

Division series rosters for both the Dodgers and Cardinals are due by 10am Pacific time Wednesday.