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Baseball America California Top 20 Prospect League Chat

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The BA top 20 prospect lists have caught up and passed my weekly Dodger affiliate update so for the first time we will get a view of what BA thinks of our prospects before I post my update. This list should be out in a few hours and I'll post it when it comes out.

I'm expecting Trayvon Robinson and Chris Withrow to make the top 20. Trayvon was right behind Dee Gordon for Dodger Minor League Player of the year. Chris Withrow should have been the  Dodger Minor League pitcher of the year instead of Elbert. We value him highly here at True Blue, so I'm wondering what BA and the scouts think of him.

Other Dodger California League players who had big years were Scott Van Slyke, Steven Caseres, and Eduardo Perez. Steve Johnson will probably make the top 20 list but unfortunately not as a Dodger.