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Miguel Cabrera - Thanks for saying No, Ned

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In November of 2007 I advocated very hard for Ned to trade for Miguel Cabrera as I felt he was a once in a generation type hitter available in a deal at his age. We had many a debate about who we should trade for him or even if we should trade for him here, and at Dodger Thoughts.

In this column I made the case on what I would offer for him knowing they were demanding Kemp/Kershaw but at no point would I have traded both of them. The next day  I poked fun at the GM of the Marlins because of his exorbitant asking price from us compared to other teams.

In the end Miggy was traded for much less then I would have been willing to trade for him. Maybin may yet turn into a decent center fielder but probably not a star. Andrew Miller has been a complete bust.

Miggy on the other hand has done everything with the bat you could have hoped for. He did of course transition from 3rd to 1st just like I envisioned he would. However there is more to team building then hitting the hell out of the baseball and Miggy failed miserably on that front this weekend at a time when his team needs him at his best. Maybe that is his style and he can only perform when he's partied out from the night before. Heaven knows many players have done the same over the history of baseball. However this Dodger fan is now glad that Miggy is not performing his act in Dodgertown but in Detroit and that Matt Kemp is still patrolling centerfield for us.