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A game you will never forget

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If you have watched the Dodgers for any period of time some memorable games are destined to remain locked into your brain forever, and tonight's game will now join them.

This game had everything:

  • great young pitcher dueling with one of the top three pitchers in the NL
  • coming of age right fielder tying the game with a bomb to CF when it appeared that no one could touch Wainwright.
  • great relay to nail potential run at 3rd base
  • Bullpen proving once again to be untouchable
  • Joe Torre going with Broxton in the 8th against the heart of the lineup
  • Matt Kemp making yet another beautiful catch to end an inning, keeping the Dodgers close
  • Casey Blake with dynamite at bat to coach a walk
  • Rolly Polly Ronnie Belliard stroking yet another hit as a Dodger and non bigger 
  • Juan Pierre using the one skill he has to score the tying run
  • True Blue and basically every Dodger Blog punching bag Mark Loretta with the game winning hit
  • Most important - V I C T O R Y

Because without the victory this game would be only memorable for the pain it brings.


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