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SB Nation NL Rookie of the Year

In a very close vote, Tommy Hanson of the Braves won the SB Nation NL Rookie of the Year award, over J.A. Happ, Andrew McCutchen, and Chris Coghlan.  Here are the results:

Rk Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Tommy Hanson Atlanta Braves 9 9 6 78
2 J.A. Happ Philadelphia Phillies 6 9 7 64
3 Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates 8 3 5 54
4 Chris Coghlan Florida Marlins 7 5 4 54
5 Dexter Fowler Colorado Rockies - 3 1 10
6 Randy Wells Chicago Cubs - - 6 6
7 Garrett Jones Pittsburgh Pirates 1 - - 5
8 Casey McGehee Milwaukee Brewers - 1 2 5
9 Seth Smith Colorado Rockies - 1 - 3


Hanson faced the Dodgers once this season and pitched decently enough, not allowing a run until the fifth inning.  However, he had the misfortune of running into the buzz saw that was Jason Schmidt's turn back the clock game, where Schmidt allowed just one hit (and five walks!) in six scoreless innings.  That game also marked George Sherrill's debut as a Dodger.

Here are the ballots that Phil & I submitted:

Phil:  Hanson, Happ, McCutchen

Eric:  Garrett Jones (yes, I was the one!), Hanson, Casey McGehee

I don't really have a legitimate excuse for not having Andrew McCutchen in my top three.  I whiffed on that one.

Elvis Andrus of the Rangers won the SB Nation AL ROY award.