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Clippings from around the Dodger Blogosphere

Dodger Offensive Predictions for 2010 from CHONE by Sean Smith

Criminals of WAR

I’m not going to single anyone out, since we’re all guilty of abusing FanGraphs’ Wins Above Replacement metric. But I’ve been seeing cases pop up…

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Bill Belichick And Dumb People

The MSTI 16-Step 2010 plan " Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness

Happy blast from the past | Dodger Thoughts | Los Angeles Times

I was able to get a glimpse of the MLB Network's rebroadcast of Ramon Martinez's 18-strikeout game, and two things struck me. 1) Martinez's stuff was electric. 2) So was his smile. Martinez got all 18 of his strikeouts before...

Pedro Guerrero " Cardboard Gods
Josh Wilker - Haven't linked to Josh for a while but here he is writing about one of my favorite Dodgers.