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Dodgers History: Manager of the Year Award

Joe Torre relaxes as he realizes the Rockies will finally beat the Dodgers at something in 2009
Joe Torre relaxes as he realizes the Rockies will finally beat the Dodgers at something in 2009

The Baseball Writers Association of America will announce the managers of the year today at 11am, and former Dodger manager Jim Tracy is the heavy favorite to walk away with NL honors.  The manager of the year award has been awarded in each league since 1983.  Tommy Lasorda is the only Dodger skipper to take home the hardware, winning in both 1983 and 1988.  Here is a review of how the Dodgers have finished in the 26-year history of the award:

Year Manager Record MOY Finish Award Pts 1st Place Votes Award Share*
2008 Joe Torre 84-78 4th 45 3 28.1%
2006 Grady Little 88-74 4th 30 1 18.8%
2004 Jim Tracy 93-69 3rd 52 4 32.5%
2002 Jim Tracy 92-70 4th 22 0 13.8%
2001 Jim Tracy 86-76 2nd 48 4 30.0%
1996 Bill Russell** 49-37 5th 6 0 4.3%
1994 Tommy Lasorda   58-56 t-5th 8 0 5.7%
1991 Tommy Lasorda 
91-71 4th 5 0 4.2%
1990 Tommy Lasorda 
86-76 3rd 32 1 26.7%
1988 Tommy Lasorda 
94-67 1st 101 19 84.2%
1985 Tommy Lasorda 
95-67 3rd 39 3 32.5%
1983 Tommy Lasorda 
91-71 1st 10 10 41.7%

*Award Share is the total points as a percentage of possible points.  In 1983, each ballot just named one manager.  From 1984 to present, each ballot (two per team in league) is three deep, with points awarded on a 5-3-1 basis.

**Bill Russell took over for Tommy Lasorda on June 25, 1996 after Lasorda had a heart attack the previous day.

Joe Torre is expected to get some second and/or third place votes, which would make this just the third time that the Dodgers have had a manager appear on two straight ballots (Lasorda in 1990-1991, and Tracy in 2001-2002 -- four years which produced zero playoff appearances).

UPDATE:  Torre finished 3rd, behind Tracy and Tony LaRussa.  Torre received one first place vote, seven second place votes, and seven third place votes.

Tracy, who took over Rockies' managerial duties after Clint Hurdle's 18-28 start, guided Colorado to a 74-42 record and a berth in the playoffs by winning the wild card.  Only the Yankees, at 76-39, had a better record than the Rockies since Tracy assumed the position.

Would this be Tracy's first manager of the year award?  Yes, yes it would.  He finished 2nd, 4th and 3rd in 2001, 2002, and 2004 respectively, while with the Dodgers.

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