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How Dodgers Became Dodgers: Where Pedro Astacio Becomes Blake DeWitt

Major league 40-man rosters were set last Friday in preparation for the upcoming Rule 5 draft in two weeks.  With the free agency period just starting, there are many open spots on rosters throughout baseball.  The Dodgers, for instance, have 33 players on their 40-man roster.  Over the next few weeks, free agents will be signed and some players will be non-tendered, so rosters will change, but for now let's look at the 33 Dodgers and how they became Dodgers.

Almost half of the Dodgers currently on the 40-man roster -- 16 of 33 -- were drafted by the team with their own draft pick:

Draft(ed) Dodgers
Player Year Round Pick

James Loney 2002 1 19
Jonathan Broxton 2002 2 60
James McDonald 2002 11 331
Eric Stults 2002 15 451
Russell Martin 2002 17 511

Chad Billingsley 2003 1 24
Xavier Paul 2003 4 121
Matt Kemp 2003 6 181
Lucas May 2003 8 241
A.J. Ellis 2003 18 541

Scott Elbert 2004 1 17
Javy Guerra 2004 4 118
Cory Wade 2004 10 298

Brent Leach 2005 6 196
Trayvon Robinson 2005 10 316

Clayton Kershaw 2006 1 7


These are pretty straight forward original transactions, as are these other four amateur free agents:
Amateur Free Agents
Player Date Origin
Hong-Chih Kuo 6/19/99 Taiwan
Ramon Troncoso    6/20/02 Dominican Republic
Chin-Lung Hu 1/31/03 Taiwan
Kenley Jansen 11/17/04 Curacao

That makes 20 of 33 Dodgers who are with are with their original club.  In addition to them, there are six more Dodgers that joined the club independent of other players.  That is, their acquisitions aren't linked to anyone else:

Free Agents
Player Date
Rafael Furcal 12/19/05
Juan Pierre 11/22/06
Travis Schlichting* 10/7/07
Hiroki Kuroda 12/16/07
Ronald Belisario*           
Charlie Haeger* 1/17/09
*minor league free agents

This is where we get to the fun part of this exercise, as reminded by Rocknjosie in her excellent Fan Post last month.  There are seven Dodgers left that were acquired as the result, directly or indirectly, of previous transactions.  These are listed in chronological order based on the earliest transaction.

Andre Ethier
Date Transaction
6/1/88 drafted Mike Piazza in the 62nd round (#1390 overall)
8/4/96 signed Luke Allen as an undrafted free agent
12/8/96 signed Todd Zeile as a free agent
5/14/98 traded Piazza and Zeile to Marlins for Gary Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla, Jim Eisenreich, Charles Johnson, and Manuel Barrios
11/18/00 signed Franklin Gutierrez as an amateur free agent
1/15/02 traded Sheffield to Braves for Odalis Perez, Brian Jordan, and Andrew Brown
1/17/03 traded Allen to Colorado for Jason Romano
4/3/04 traded Romano to Tampa Bay for Antonio Perez
4/3/04 traded Gutierrez and Brown to Cleveland for Milton Bradley
12/13/05 traded Bradley and Perez to Oakland for Ethier
Total Related Players: 9
Blake DeWitt
Date Transaction
11/21/87 signed Pedro Astacio as an amateur free agent
6/14/91 signed Ismael Valdez as an amateur free agent
8/28/94 signed Luke Prokopec as an amateur free agent
8/19/97 traded Astacio to Rockies for Eric Young
12/12/99 traded Young and Valdez to Cubs for Terry Adams, Brian Stephenson, and Chad Ricketts
12/31/01 traded Prokopec and Ricketts to Toronto for Cesar Izturis and Paul Quantrill
12/17/03 Quantrill signed as a free agent with the Yankees
6/7/04 drafted DeWitt with a compensation first round pick (#28 overall)
Total Related Players: 6
Ivan DeJesus
Date Transaction
7/7/94 signed Adrian Beltre as an amateur free agent
Beltre signed as a free agent with Seattle
6/7/05 drafted DeJesus with a compensation second round pick (#51 overall)
Total Related Players: 1
Jason Repko
Date Transaction
1/16/96 signed Scott Radinsky as a free agent
Radinsky signed as a free agent with St. Louis
6/2/99 drafted Repko with a compensation supplemental pick (#37 overall)
Total Related Players: 1
Manny Ramirez
Date Transaction
12/12/98 signed Kevin Brown as a free agent
6/3/03 drafted Andy LaRoche in the 39th round (#1171 overall)
12/13/03 traded Brown to Yankees for Jeff Weaver, Yhency Brazoban, Brandon Weeden, and cash
2/23/06 Weaver signed as a free agent with the Angels
6/6/06 drafted Bryan Morris with a compensation first round pick (#26 overall)
7/31/08 traded LaRoche and Morris to Pittsburgh in a 3-team trade; received Manny and cash from Boston
Total Related Players: 4
Casey Blake
Date Transaction
8/13/04 signed Carlos Santana as an amateur free agent
6/7/05 drafted Jon Meloan in fifth round (#166 overall)
7/26/08 traded Santana and Meloan to Cleveland for Blake, and cash
Total Related Players: 2
George Sherrill
Date Transaction
6/7/05 drafted Josh Bell in the second round (#74 overall)
6/7/05 drafted Steven Johnson in the 13th round (#406 overall)
7/30/09 traded Bell and Johnson to Baltimore for Sherrill
Total Related Players: 2