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Ethier Finishes 6th, Kemp Gets 10th in NL MVP Voting

For the first time in 18 years, the Dodgers had a pair of outfielders receive votes for Most Valuable PlayerAndre Ethier and Matt Kemp, who each won Silver Slugger awards last week, finished 6th and 10th, respectively in the balloting, which was won by Albert Pujols of the Cardinals.  Brett Butler (7th) and Darryl Strawberry (9th), in 1991, were the last Dodger outfield duo to receive MVP votes.

Ethier received two 2nd place votes, three 4th place votes, two 5th place votes, five 6th place votes, four 7th place votes, five 8th place votes, and three 9th place votes, appearing on 24 of 32 ballots.

Kemp received two 4th place votes, one 5th place vote, two 6th place votes, three 7th place votes, one 8th place vote, one 9th place vote, and two 10th place votes, appearing on 12 of 32 ballots.

Full results can be found at the Baseball Writers Association of America website.

LA Dodger Outfield Duos in MVP Voting
Year Player Player
Andre Ethier 6th      Matt Kemp 10th
1991 Brett Butler 7th Darryl Strawberry  
1985 Pedro Guerrero  
3rd Mike Marshall t-14th
1974 Jimmy Wynn 5th Bill Buckner t-25th
1962 Tommy Davis 3rd Frank Howard 9th
1959 Wally Moon 4th Duke Snider t-22nd